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Cohere works alongside people and communities that are mobilising for collective healing, wellbeing for all, and transformative change.
About cohere
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Cohere was founded in 2014 by Ash Buchanan with the purpose of supporting the uptake of restorative and regenerative practice in the world. For almost a decade, we have been developing and refining our approach in collaboration with a diverse community of project partners and skilled practitioners.

Our work currently centres on supporting people and communities that want to build their capacity for healing, wellbeing, and transformation on both an individual and collective level. We offer a range of programs and services including;
Collective leadership journeys
Restorative and regenerative practice
Wellbeing co-design and co-practice
Healthy built environments
Mindset transformation
– Wellbeing circles
– Project-based mentoring and coaching
We work with a range of groups including schools, organisations, communities, not for profits, government, start-ups, and grassroot projects. We situate our work as part of a larger global movement of people and communities that are working towards wellbeing, justice, and liberation for all.

Meet Ash

Ash Buchanan

Hi, I’m Ash Buchanan, a restorative and regenerative practitioner. I have a deep interest in working alongside communities that are mobilising for collective healing, wellbeing for all, and transformative change. I am a student of a number of embodied and relational practices, including awareness-based systems change, social process, trauma-informed and healing-centred pedagogy, co-design, mindfulness, and yoga. I also lead a participatory action research initiative called benefit mindset, which supports groups with making a transformative contribution in the world.

Lineages of practice

– Awareness-based systems change in the tradition of Otto Scharmer, the Presencing Institute, and Margret Wheatley
– Collective trauma healing in the tradition of Thomas Hübl
– Group facilitation in the tradition of the social process network
– Regenerative practice in the tradition of Regenesis Group
– Mindset transformation in the tradition of Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey
– Integral life practice in the tradition of Ken Wilber and Terry Pattern
Want to work together? Book a call with Ash.