cohere | What is ‘integrated ecology’?
Cohere works alongside people and communities that are mobilising for collective healing, wellbeing for all, and transformative change.
collective healing, wellbeing for all, and transformative change, social justice, sustainable design, restorative practice, regenerative development, co-design, mindset, benefit mindset
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What is ‘integrated ecology’?

At Cohere, our focus is how integrating sustainability and wellness into the design of buildings can enhance liveability, improve productivity, and shape a better built environment.

The way we do this is by looking at how buildings can meaningfully engage with the unique potential of people, place and natural systems.

So we decided to start this blog. It will be our way of sharing and exploring what’s happening at the intersection of design, sustainability, and human experience.

There’s a lot more to come on this topic, so join the conversation on our social channels: