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Sustainability inside & out

So you’re using Green Star, Living Building Challenge or a House Energy Ratings Scheme to design and build a new high performance green building. Or maybe you’ve just done a round of sustainability upgrades.

It used to be enough to just make the changes. Simply hire a specialist consultant, add some sustainable design features and you’re away. But no longer. Because what our green building pioneers are discovering is that building features alone are not enough to promote enduring performance.

Enduring performance comes from something much deeper than well-intentioned design. To realise the potential of green building design and make a meaningful difference, organisations need to be willing, and able, to fundamentally shift the mindsets of building users.

Mindset: The source of our everyday performance

Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits drive the real world potential of your sustainability projects.

Real world sustainability performance comes from the inside out. It needs to be true to who your building users are and authentically reflect why they use their building every day.

Treating sustainability as a problem that can be solved using expertise, rating tools and building architecture won’t get you very far. Because, below the surface of any green building project – in what could be called todays sustainability blind spot – are a number of deeply human elements that are often overlooked. In this article we focus on one of these important human elements – the mindset of building users.

Mindsets – our deeply held beliefs, values and higher purpose – are integral to enduring sustainability performance. In the words of Donella Meadows, “mindsets are the sources of systems.” They shape the lives we lead and the actions we take, which in turn drives the real world potential of green building projects.

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