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Our services are designed to support the transformation from 'doing less harm’, to being a 'force for good'.
Sustainabile Design, Wellbeing, Regeneration, Mindset, Culture, Consultants, Melbourne
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Our services

meaningful and engaging experiences

Sustainable Design (ESD)

We use design as an enabler, to support the co-creation of elegant, high-performance and cost-effective strategies. We help you integrate sustainability initiatives that provide a broad range of benefits. Our services include:

–       Design Consulting & Analytics

–       Rating Tools (Green Star)

–       NCC & Town Planning

Living Environments

Humans live in buildings, but we are wired to be immersed in natural, multi-sensory environments. Go beyond ‘green’ and create beautiful, living environments that foster high-quality connections between people and place. Our services include:

–       Regenerative Development

–       Biomimicry & Biophilia

–       School Incursions Workshop 

Wellbeing Design

Create extraordinary, vitalizing spaces where everyone has the opportunity to express their full humanity together with thriving living systems. Cohere uses a systems based approach to catalyse the natural patterns of wholeness, resilience and transformation. Our services include:

–       Wellbeing Design Consulting

–       Rating Tools (e.g. WELL)

–       Design Learning Journeys

Culture & Values

Values create unity in diversity. Our culture & values services help individuals, organisations and communities strengthen the values that authentically elevate their collective capacity. Our services include:

–       Culture & Values Consulting

–       Developmental Programs

–       Culture & Values Workshops

Everyday Leadership

Strengthen your capacity for making a meaningful difference in a profoundly interconnected world. Our human development programs focus on how everyday people can bring more of themselves to everything they do. Our services include:

–      Mindset Workshops

–      Mindset Program Development

      Mindset Labs

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