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Regenerative Development
Regenerative Development
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Regenerative Development

Imagine a world where every single community and organisation aspired to become indigenous to place – a world where everyone can express their full humanity together with thriving living systems. This is the practice and promise of regenerative development.

In 2014, after 10 years working as a sustainable design consultant, I had a moment of insight. For most of my career I treated sustainability as a ‘technical’ problem to be solved. And as such, I would help my clients design energy efficient systems, reduce their water consumption and use responsibly sourced materials. I thought I was doing my bit. And then without searching for it, something suddenly dawned on me… everything we are doing is not enough.

For the next 2 years, I set out to explore what could be enough. I thought, surely there are examples of people in the world who are actually creating a better future. This insight led me to many different places, including the psychology of wellbeing, and the importance of sustainability leadership. But perhaps one of the most exciting things I discovered was an amazing community of change makers, affectionately called The Regenerates, who are practicing a next generation approach to sustainability.

This year, together with a growing community of local and global practitioners, I’ve had the pleasure of studying regenerative development with some of its pioneers, including Regenesis and the Centre for Living Environments and Regeneration (CLEAR). I also had the opportunity to tutor a subject on Regeneration with Australia’s Dominique Hes. In doing so, I’ve found great hope in the potential of regeneration.

In this article, I wanted to share my takeaways from this experience, and extend an open invitation – sharing how you can get involved. It’s an invitation to change makers who can see the potential for making a greater impact. It’s also an invitation to organisations and developers who aspire to do something deeply meaningful on their next project, big or small. Regenerative Development is a truly transformational idea – and it’s gaining momentum.

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