cohere | philosophy
Cohere works alongside people and communities that are mobilising for collective healing, wellbeing for all, and transformative change.
collective healing, wellbeing for all, and transformative change, social justice, sustainable design, restorative practice, regenerative development, co-design, mindset, benefit mindset
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Our philosophy

We use a range of philosophies to help our clients make a meaningful difference in an interconnected world.

Creating Futures

Sustainability isn’t a problem to be solved. It’s a future to be created. The only way to get to where we want to go – is to paint a picture of a world that people want to move towards. We empower our clients with this creative capacity.

Creating Futures

* Image inspired by the work of Bill Reed.

Creating Space

Cohere expand the boundaries of conventional design – physically, psychologically, socially and ecologically – to create ‘space’ for the natural patterns of resilience, wellbeing and regeneration. We believe facilitating this space is one of the primary roles of leadership today.

Creating Space

Adaptive Development

Whereas ‘problems’ can be ‘solved’ with technical expertise, adaptive capacity requires a developmental process that integrates the physical, psychological, social & ecological domains. We use a transformative process similar to Theory U & Appreciative Inquiry to help our clients realise their emergent potential. Our process has three stages:

Adaptive Development

Values on Purpose

Creating cultures that express, resonate and authentically develop their values is a central part unifying people around a common purpose. Cohere uses the Values Map as a simple but sophisticated tool for supporting:

–       Individuals who want to clarify and strengthen their values and personal purpose.

–       Organisations and teams who want to create cultures of unity and resilience.

–       Designers and architects who want to better express values through design. 

Values Map

Developing Mindset’s

Mindsets influence the lives we lead, the actions we take and the future possibilities of the world we live in. Being able to discover how the mindsets manifest themselves on a larger scale, and being open and able to shift them, is the essence of creating profound personal and systemic change. We use the Benefit Mindset framework that was developed by Ash Buchanan at the University of Melbourne together with the Leadership Maturity Framework.

Fixed, Growth & Benefit Mindsets