cohere | Business as a force for good
Cohere is sustainability & wellness design consultancy. We partners with progressive organisations, architects and design teams to collectively shape a better, more sustainable built environment.
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Business as a force for good

As a business, we have chosen to donate 5% of our revenue to fight extreme poverty. We have also chosen to make this a public pledge. There are a few reasons for this, and we thought they were worth sharing.

  1. We believe in using business as an opportunity to be a force for good.
  2. We can be the generation that ends extreme poverty. The world bank has a plan to do it by 2030.
  3. It gives like-minded businesses an extra reason to work with us.
  4. Studio Thick, a Melbourne strategic design consultancy, made a public pledge with the words “Why not match us?” and we thought, good point.

Want to find out more? There is a great summary at

So… Why not match us?

In 2015 we are donating to Oxfam.