cohere | Business as a force for good
Cohere works alongside people and communities that are mobilising for collective healing, wellbeing for all, and transformative change.
collective healing, wellbeing for all, and transformative change, social justice, sustainable design, restorative practice, regenerative development, co-design, mindset, benefit mindset
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Business as a force for good

As a business, we have chosen to donate 5% of our revenue to fight extreme poverty. We have also chosen to make this a public pledge. There are a few reasons for this, and we thought they were worth sharing.

  1. We believe in using business as an opportunity to be a force for good.
  2. We can be the generation that ends extreme poverty. The world bank has a plan to do it by 2030.
  3. It gives like-minded businesses an extra reason to work with us.
  4. Studio Thick, a Melbourne strategic design consultancy, made a public pledge with the words “Why not match us?” and we thought, good point.

Want to find out more? There is a great summary at

So… Why not match us?

In 2015 we are donating to Oxfam.