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We are a group of wellbeing practitioners, designers and facilitators who believe in taking a whole systems approach to wellbeing.
Wellbeing, Design, Flourishing
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Cohere Studio

We are a group of wellbeing practitioners, designers and facilitators who take a whole person, whole system approach to wellbeing.

What is a whole person, whole systems approach to wellbeing? It’s an approach that not only promotes the health and resilience of individuals, but it also seeks to create organisations, schools and communities that are genuine sources of wellbeing themselves. 

The essence of our approach is to support our partners with becoming aware of, and attending to, the wholeness of their wellbeing challenges. This means we attend to the underlying root causes that create our wellbeing challenges in the first place, as well as strengthen the primary sources of health. Its only when we see and act from an awareness of the whole, that we can truly create healthy and resilient cultures.

We believe taking a whole systems approach to wellbeing is vital if we want to navigate today’s profoundly urgent and deeply interrelated challenges.

Want to work together? Our team is ready to co-create something special with you.

Ash Buchanan

Ash Buchanan 

Ash is a collaborator whose passions span the areas of wellbeing, leadership and regenerative sustainability. His work is informed by a love for the natural world and for bringing people and place closer together.

Sara Rickards

Sara is a connector and advisor of all things that unlock human potential and create connected and conscious communities, but most of the time you will find her in wild places on an adventure.